WestWing Speakeasy Cocktailbar


🌏 Westsingel 48, 3811 BB Amersfoort The Netherlands (View map)

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Secret cocktailbar hidden behind a mysterious door. Atmosphere of the Roaring Twenties, the era of Prohibiton, Moonshining and Al Capone. Thanks to the co-operation between WestWing Cocktailbar and WestSingel restaurant, you could combine a visit to our Speak Easy bar with a lovely dinner if you wish. Reservations are required.
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Amazing place, it has a hidden door and you need a secret code to get in!

Nice undercover cocktailbar with moonshine ambiance. You can order from the cocktailmenu or just ask them to make you something special. We had the Soldier Boy cocktail and discovered the handgrenade shaped icecube floating around, which was a nice matching touch to a very nice drink. We started with dinner upstairs in the WestSingel restaurant - which was excellent - and afterwards had our dessert and after dinner drinks downstairs in this hidden bar.We had a great time here, highly recommended!

Classy and mysterious bar with high quality cocktails

This cocktail bar is hidden behind a bookcase underneath the Westsingel restaurant. You get a code upon reservation to open the bookcase. It is a mysterious opening of the evening.

Inside is a classy cocktailbar. They serve a wide range of high quality cocktails and they gladly offer advise on which drinks might suite your taste. The espresso martini and the aviation cocktail were sublime. They shake the cocktails with great craftsmanship and serve them with style and attention to detail.

The ambiance is intimate, sociable and slightly secretive.
You can visit after having dinner upstairs in the Westsingel restaurant, but you can also visit separately from the restaurant. A great place to have an after dinner cocktail or a drink before a night out!

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