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🌏 Hoogveldseweg 1, 5451 AA Mill The Netherlands (View map)

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Fatima G


Beautiful place, clean en creative!!!
We went late in the evening because we were informed at the hotel that they were very busy in de afternoon (250 guest!!!).

Very modern and cosy wellness !

Modern and clean wellness facilities on a boat ! Very good service and nice food at the restaurant !
Leen E

Great place to relax

The wellnesboot is a great place to relax! Great sauna’s, inside and outside pool, jacuzzi’s, hamam, .... We absolutely loved the rasul do it yourself treatment!
Susan J

Small & great

A small and great sauna complex. We visited on a Tuesday which was a quiet day, that was great. You have a complex that is not so busy... I can imagine this complex being fully booked and I definitely won’t like it...way too small for my taste.

The facilities are very good. Several saunas, a large relax area, good restaurant, beautiful looking boat incl atmosphere, a lot of massages possible (although very expensive), two swimming pools, several hot tubs, etc.

The staff is very kind and the bracelet for entrance and paying works perfect.

A nice sauna you should definitely visit!

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