Waanders In De Broeren


⏰ 10:00 - 18:00

🌏 Achter de Broeren 1-3, 8011 VA Zwolle The Netherlands (View map)

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Literary lunch

Thanks to its location in one of Zwolle’s historic churches this place truly is a wonderful hidden gem. The menu offers a variety of healthy and (to a large degree) vegetarian lunches. Combined with the setting and the adjourning book store the atmosphere is cosy and of a high-quality. Despite the location in a church it never gets too loud. The staff also is very friendly and competent.
⏳ 12-2019

Amazing place!

The place is amazing and massive! Too many books to look at and too many random tiny things you never thought you’d need ????. I’d did spark a reading urge so I ended up getting a book to read! However, most of the books are in Dutch even tho the website said “English section” the section was really small and mainly offered fiction/horror and literature. So, if you’re looking for English books outside that genera. I think ordering them online would be the better way to go.

Lastly! Their gift wrapping is beautiful and I highly recommend it ????

Already been there 3x in my stay in zwolle and definitely going again before leaving ????
⏳ 09-2019

Beautiful bookshop. Not to be missed if you are visiting Zwolle.

Not to be missed if you are visiting Zwolle. Superb use of old church
for new uses. As religious observance declines throughout most of
Europe new uses must be found for attractive old churches. Waanders
In De Zwolle is a classic example of a very successful conversion
of an old church to new uses. All church decor of is retained including
the pipe organ which is still sometimes played and stained glass windows.
The main use is as a bookshop which includes a good English language
section. The other uses are a restaurant and a tourist information point.
I was very impressed by this church conversion and I strongly
recommended a visit, especially if you are interested in church architecture
and conversion of old buildings to new uses.


We haven´t bought anything in the book store, but we always do sit down in the cafeteria with a coffee and a cake. The atmosphere is just great!
Miran D

beautifull to be and see

have a cup of coffee and chill in the beautiful atmosphere of the old, renovated church.
browse between all kind of new book, relax and read.
the ceiling painting are so beautiful
Mireille B

Books and coffee in an old church

I went on a short trip to Zwolle by train ,the Dominican church was on my list ...I discovered it easily and they gave me a map of the city at the entrance .Maybe the Dominicans prayed for their historic church ,it was saved by books .I was really impressed by the beauty of the original bookstore ,I had a cup of coffee and a cake inside and I bought a travel book in English .It was full of people...
willem th v
⏳ 11-2018

Spectaculair bookshop

A place you mustvisit. Best bookshop in the Netherlands. Built in a historical church and
Environment with exceptional architectural changes. Extensive seclection of books in many different languages. A restaurant with simple but good qualty dishes is avalable on the other side of this bookshop/church.

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