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Staf W

A must see.

Maybe the number 1 highlight in China. This is something you have to visit. But very crowded. In 3 separate buildings you can see the different stages of the digging and restauration.


When in china this should definitely be on the bucket list!!! The heritage and history of this site is amazing. Definitely have a guide because they are able to give you a great insight into the whole site. You do get an opportunity to meet the farmer who discovered the site however this is a ploy for you to buy his book.
Connie C

This exhibit no longer exists

We are staying at the Babylon Hotel next door to New Babylon Mall and the hotel staff have no knowledge of this exhibit. It might have been there years ago however isn’t there now. Can this entry be modified or excluded as it is misleading?

A bit disappointing

Most of what we saw was fake and the exhibition lacked atmoshere. Oldfashioned showcases and lots of text. It might be better to just read a book.

Fabulous exhibition that shouldn’t be missed.

We were completely blown away by the Terracotta Warriors exhibition in the Hague where 100 replicas of the Chinese sculptures are on display. Along with the warriors there are many genuine artefacts and there is lots of explanatory text, in both Dutch and English, and it is laid out in a very enlightening way with small panels describing the pieces and larger panels describing the history. The size of some of the statues was completely surprising.
Not to be missed is the film describing the discovery of the warriors in China and the subsequent renovation. We found the film, which lasts about an hour, to be riveting and culminates in a scientist from Germany showing what 2 of the figures may have looked like when created. Just stunning.
We were surprised to find that cameras were allowed and I regretted not taking mine because I would have taken quite a few photos.
Anna Buerenplein is adjacent to Den Haag Centraal station.

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