’t Huys Dever


🌏 A Heereweg 349, 2161 CA Lisse The Netherlands (View map)

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Built in 1375 by Reinier Dever of d’Ever, member of an old Dutch noble family. The living tower is still functional but the other parts are in ruins since 1848. Open from Wed-Sun 14.00-17.00 uur
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Image ’t Huys Dever

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Alicia C

Incredible building, fantastic view from the top floor.

Historic and intriguing house. Lucky to meet a very well-informed guide fluent in English who was a font of fascinating facts.

As you climb the steps inside, it’s so easy to imagine yourself part of the history.

Small and wonderful surprise.

Every month we cannot resist a visit to the lovely spot called the very old tower of d’Ever, the garden is in spring a must for the specialists. The vedgetable gardens are kept neatly and a walk over the premises is rewarding. An interior visit gives a peek into the middle ages and the steep stairways to the upper floors. History alive!

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