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Image Strand Rockanje

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⏳ 08-2021

Nice clean surrounding

Beautiful clean place, with lesser crowds.. A definitely visit.. a nice place to explore the water as the depth is not too much!
Celenia C


Very open beach, with beach restaurants everywhere a d facility for everyone from old till babys, very peaceful after the threes
Robert O


Rockanje beach (Tweede slag)

Very nice beach without garbage. People here take care. Moreover the area is low profile. Just two restaurants and some benches. Easily accessible as there is a parking lot for cars and bikes. The only thing I missed was a fresh water shower facility.

During weekends just walk north and after a while you will have the beach to yourself.
Good to combine a hike through the dunes with beach activity.
Sendy H

The beach where the locals go

My Dutch auntie told me that this is the beach where the locals go.

I really didn’t spot any tourist in this beach so I guess if you want to explore a beach where you can enjoy and see how the locals enjoying their beach time, come here.

Review of January 2017.....

Sadly, I have not been able to stay in the vicinity, overnight, since October 2016; thus, when I get an opportunity for a quick ’drive-through’, I inevitably have to sacrifice seeing good friends, and opt to do the ’lone’ traveller thing - by seeing sites and landmarks, with break-neck rapidity.....

I’ve been to Scheveningen - very nice indeed, yet I prefer this, in all honesty....

Excellent car parking facilities, and the beach is long, clean and pleasant. It’s ideal in the mornings, for a run (great indeed)....I notice there are always many wind-surfers here, who remark the ’perfect conditions’ are all in place, for their talents....

There is a beach diner and Nightclub called ’Havana’, which is a great deal of fun....one can also see the remarkable road bridge (Dammenweg with the N57) which leads from Nieuwenhoorn ’area’, across the water (from Voorne-Putten) to the next island - Goeree.........

The Summer? The place is then, bustling, but there’s always plenty of space, hither and thither.....sadly, I’ve been reticent to ’go down’ to my Speedos (or indeed, Mankini), since, circa 2014.....in no way, sadly, do I resemble Daniel Craig, emerging from the waters, in his swimming shorts....which is a pity, as I’m sure many ’eyes would turn’....(as would many stomachs)....However! There is no doubt, in my mind, that between now, and Summer 2017, I shall ’get to work’, and just like Renee Somerfield (’Are you Beach Body Ready?’), I will.....indeed be so very very ready.....!

This is a decent, clean and pleasant beach....highly recommended !! It certainly helped clear my hung-over head, many times, around 7 am, in 2009 !

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