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🌏 Spuistraat 22, 1012 TS Amsterdam The Netherlands (View map)

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Amazing health transformation all natural

I came here from the USA to see Ramses, I explain to him my problem as Iam very active and I have many problems in my body. To my surprise I was amazed on what he told me and how he can help me. He even said to me on some symptoms that I was shy to tell him, but he was able to tell me that I have them. He is 100% right on what he said to me. His treatment plane was hard but the results are truly magic. My feelings my body and my health has changed me 350 degree. He is worth flying for and is amazing about his knowledge all natural ingredients, he transformed me and my life. If you ever in Amsterdam And need help with your over all health stop by this location you will not regret it it’s a life changing. Thank you so much Ramses for you helping me ????????????????❤️

Great experience

Very happy with the treatment. It’s the combination of his knowledge, techniques and explanations that makes it all work perfectly.


Great results! Expect a deep tissue massage that is a bit uncomfortable but will leave your back problems behind. My lower back pain has disappeared!

Relief of lower backpain

Ramses Health was recommended by ons of met friends. I have severe lower backpain and I’ve been visiting several specialists through the years. After a couple of sessions at Ramses I felt such a relief. I never thought that a specialist could come with such quick results. I can recommend anyone who has some kind of pain in back, neck or shoulders tot visit this specialist.
Petra H
⏳ 06-2018

Great knowledge

I came to Rafael based on a recommendation of a friend. After not having given attention to my body for many years, Rafael has cured an Ischias and provided treatment for the lower and upper back and neck plus my sacrum, very beneficial as I fell very hard on it almost 20 years ago and I felt the energy finally streaming again. What was really strange is that after 4 sessions I automatically walked much straighter, not looking at the ground any longer. I am sitting and walking with a straight disc column now, wow! It is indeed an investment but feeling so much better is worth it. Do come prepared for some pain during the session, as sometimes force is needed to do the necessary corrections ;-)

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