Peking, Meppel


🌏 Grote Kerkstraat 10, 7941 LB Meppel The Netherlands (View map)

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πŸ‘† Mobile ⏳ 14-07-2019

Great food and service

Food was delicious and service was really fast considering the restaurant was half full. Would definitely come back
πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 10-09-2012

best Indonesian and Chinese meals and take-aways

These take-away meals are fantastic and huge - Tip: make sure you order by phone hours or day before you pickup. When I called with an enquiry they suggested I order over the phone so it would be ready at arranged time which thankfully I did for 6pm the next day. There was a very long queue of people waiting and ordering - must be a very popular place. I was served immediately when I went to the Cash Register which is on the other side of where people wait for or place orders. Our order was ready indeed at precisely the moment I walked in at 6pm so all I had to do is pay and be gone. There is a great and large mix of Chinese and Indonesian dishes to choose from. The Indonesian Rice Table we ordered for 2 people was fantastic and had 15 dishes for Euro 27 (A$31 in August 2012). Although it is called a rice table, we were offered a choice of 2 x rice or 2 x bami gorang (special noodles) or one of each. It came inclusive of 4 pieces of kroepoek (like shrimp crackers but the size of a foot long each), very tender meats and pork dishes, sweet & sour kraut, green beans and stew with ginger, etc. etc and to top it all off it also came with 4 x banana fritters... - we couldn’t believe our eyes when we unpacked box after box :) If you don’t want take-away than still go there - the restaurant looks absolutely cosy and clean and I am sure the taste of the food will be just as good if not better (if that is possible) because it is served straight from the kitchen instead of after half hour drive - as in our case. Note: You may need to allow plenty of time for it to be served if dining in if it is always busy and make sure you make a reservation beforehand in any case.

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