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πŸ’΅ €17 - €70

🌏 Beukenplein 3, 1092 BA Amsterdam The Netherlands (View map)

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About us

PakuPaku is the first Japanese fondue/hotpot (ShabuShabu) restaurant in town. We provide a wonderful savory broth made of kombu and soy sauce . We serve fish, meat and vegan hotpots. All hotpots are accompanied by a diversity of vegetables, sauces and white rice which can be eaten with the tasty broth. We have wonderful ribeye and real Japanese Wagyu beef, tuna and sea bass filets and a tasty vegan variety. Also we have lovely side dishes, such as gyoza’s, Japanese tofu salad and delicious wines, sakes and other drinks!
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πŸ‘† Mobile ⏳ 16-03-2020

One of my favorite meals!

One of my favorite meals! If you’re looking for something light, yet flavorful and nutritious - do not look beyond PakuPaku. With a shabu-shabu meal, you fill up first on protein and vegetables so carbohydrate consumption is minimal. The founder prides herself on fresh ingredients - and this is completely justified. The soup base is light, fragrant and comes in the right quantity. My favorite is the sea bass which is fresh and absorbs all the right flavors without being overbearing. If you’re still hungry, the silky tofu salad which is made of three ingredients only - tofu, Chinese cabbage and sesame dressing is a delight.
πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 22-02-2020

Lovely service from a very charming hostess

Great, tasty food we would recommend everybody, also with a small purse. A goood atmosphere. Fast service as well!

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