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🌏 President Kennedylaan 5, 2517 JK, The Hague The Netherlands (View map)

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Omniversum An all-round amazing experience Omniversum - the movie theatre where you are part of the action. It has a screen 4500 times larger than an ordinary TV, pumps out 15,000 watts of sound from 36 speakers and immerses your senses in the most amazing film experience ever. This unique movie theatre is designed to transport you to another world. The big-screen films take you to space, where you can meet the astronauts of the International Space Station, and bring you face-to-face with the most fascinating scenery and creatures on Earth. And all without having to leave your seat. You don’t just watch a film here, you become part of it! Omniversum, an attraction in The Hague for over 33 years, is a unique movie theatre, the only one of its kind in the Benelux. The films are suitable for all ages, unless specified otherwise. The films are in Dutch but a special app lets you follow the original English-language version using your own mobile phone and headset. Earphones can also be obtained from the Omniversum front desk. A new film starts every hour on the hour. If you want to watch a second film on the same day, you only pay EUR 5.50. Omniversum is suitable for children from the age of four, but some young children may find the large screen and sound system rather overwhelming.
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Nice but not inclusive

We pre booked our tickets online as we only had a short time in The Hague. We followed the parking instructions on their website and parked at the Marriott, this allowed us to be parked there all day for the one price €7. We saw the Apollo 11 movie which was in English as it was original footage put together to make a 50 minute movie. The film itself was interesting and sitting in a partially reclined chair looking at a huge screen that’s all around you is definitely different from the usual way you watch a movie. I would love to have seen a National Geographic film here. If you can get over the seams in the screen showing at times and some of the images that move fast don’t cause your eyes any issues then it is a unique experience.

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