Molen De Vlieger


🌏 Essepad 3, 2272 JS Voorburg The Netherlands (View map)

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Windmill De Vlieger is a poldermill built in 1621 to drain the Veen- en Binckhorstpolder. Its scoopwheel of more than 5 meters can drain the water from the polder up to a height of 1 meter. The mill is still fully operational and runs regularly. It has been transformed into a museum. The living room on the groundfloor still looks as in 1900. From the landing on the first floot one can see how the large vertical axle transfers the motion of the wings to the scoopwheel. On the second floor different operating models of several mill types can be seen.
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Image Molen De Vlieger

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Cool Windmill

This windmill is right near the city. It is very cool to see. I love the windmills and am glad that they are being preserved.

Mill in The Netherlands


Great bit of Dutch history

A working mill Molen de Vlieger in Voorburg The Netherlands built in 1621 to drain the Veen- en Binckhorst polder on a farm.

Definition of a polder is a low-lying tract of land surrounded by dikes, a depression, that form an artificial hydrological entity. There is no connection with outside water other than through manually operated devices so it cant drain itself.

This Molen windmill is very good at clearing the water as its scoop wheel measures an impressive 5 metres plus. Cool tuing to see.

Yesterday’s energy, still in use tomorrow

We are family of five staying at Duinrell and wanted to visit a windmill as our youngest (8) loves them...... we cycled just under 7 miles to this windmill which I found on trip advisor. What a fantastic windmill with so much history and all three of our boys were fully engaged in everything the very nice lady volunteer told and showed us. She took us all right to the top with each floor having its own bit of history and story. Thoroughly recommend to anyone wanting some real Dutch history and culture......
Emlyn S

Fantastic piece of Dutch history

Solodam J

A Beautiful Windmill

That’s what the friendly guide told me when he started the tour of this beautiful windmill. Located in a picture perfect location, the windmill is a good place to visit. For just 3 euros you get a guided tour of this windmill museum which lasted nearly 45 mins. The guide gave me a glimpse of the life of an ordinary dutch Miller and his family. It was a very nice experience.
Rob K

Dutch wind mill engineering exhibit

Christina L

Amazing experience

The location is unique, between "Essesteijn" children’s farm and a high flat but when you walk a little bit to the green area, you will see this beautiful windmill totally different, like on a postcard. It was closed on Sunday when we’re there but we could enjoy it from outside and took some pictures.

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