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🌏 Gravenstraat 4, 1012 NM Amsterdam The Netherlands (View map)

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Hidden Gem

If you are visiting Amsterdam and planning to do some shopping, be sure to pay the mini shopping center of cool a visit. It’s just off the main shopping street Nieuwendijk and right next to The Dam. In this lovely shop you’ll find fashionable items produced by the world’s finest creatives. You’ll be wondering around in awe and discover items you just will not find anywhere else. Highly recommend!
Marc T

So cool!!

This shop is great!
I bought a plate with my own streat on it! It should be called mini shopping to cool to be true!
T shirts are also amasing and all products are local stuff.
Really nice and also such a friendly owner.

Awesome t-shirts!!!

This store has the coolest shirts i’ve ever seen, definitely a must!!! See also the jewelry section. All things are unique and handmade and the owner is lovely as well!

Cool shop for cutting edge t shirts & homewares just off Dam Sq

I visited here on my last trip to Amsterdam in February & it is a real gem!
Run by a cool Dutch gal called Natalie - who speaks fluent English - French & German (you’ve got to hand it to those canny Dutch!).
The shop has a great urban warehouse vibe playing some great music - but the best bit is the merchandise & Natalie has curated some really funky items.
If you are looking for a cool t shirt that no one else has got or some great gift ideas - they are here! Great homewares from beautifully scented soaps to plush funky cushions! All is reasonably priced too.
Stop by here on your next visit & you won’t be disappointed! Take something home from Amsterdam that is truly unique!

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