Marius van Dokkum


🌏 Academiestraat 7, 3841 ES Harderwijk The Netherlands (View map)

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john F
⏳ 09-2019

What a find, this gallery was so interesting.

Had found details about this gallery on the web prior to our visit to Harderwijk, and boy am I so glad that we visited. The range of artwork on display was wide and covered a range of subjects, but all were painted with skill and hilarity. One of the paintings was a representaion of a family of birds but the "actors" were pears. All the paintings had a funny theme and made you spend time appreciating not only the talent of Marious van Dokkum but also his fantastic sense of humour. This is a "not to miss" gallery.

Hidden gem and a must-see!

Didn’t know about this artist, but we were tipped by family to visit this museum; what a blast! The artist was working on a mega painting in the loft of the building and took all the time in the world to answer questions. The style is best to be described as between classic Dutch artist Jan Steen and the best cartoon artists.

We loved it. Warmly recommended and more than worth a visit!

Great unique live artist museum

It is great to walk in this museum that just opened in 2018. The painter whose work hangs here is still alive. He is a funny normal guy with humor.

Tip: please ad subtitles is English to the movies and add English to the audiotour and the tags underneath the paintings

Point Counterpoint

A counterpoint to the staid State museum is the whimsical and playful Marius Van Dokken museum which is the vision of one man ,after whom it is named. Housed in a modern two level structure it is packed with very lifelike paintings and illustrations of common folk going about their lives.There are groups getting together over a drink, an elderly useise couple grappling with a computer,
workmen with paint splashed all over them,plump ladies pedaling away to name a few.
The Marius van Dokken epitomises
the warmth and openness of the city of Harderwijk and its people.

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