Manor, Santpoort-Noord


⏰ 16:00 - 22:00

🌏 Hagelingerweg 42, 2071 CJ Santpoort-Noord, Velsen The Netherlands (View map)

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πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 02-05-2018

Must trust Manager Andy decide for you!

I went to The Manor with some local friends and had the best authentic Chinese meal! Andy was fantastic! But make sure to have an authentic Dutch desert: Avoocat (local delicious)with whipped cream!!!!
πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 28-03-2017

Fantastic Chinese Tapas

I have been to extremely many restaurants during my life. Then you are very surprised when you go to a restaurant in a small town like Sandpoort-Noord as a foreigner. However, this was the most positive experience I have ever had. I promise you. Ever. I was there with three friends and they recommended the Chinese Tapas. They did not tell me, that this could have been my last dinner, because they wanted to surprise me. We had 16 starters and 4 head meals. It all started with the shark fin soup and after that the dishes came rolling in so fast that you could hardly follow the speed of serving. I think we had all kind of meat that exist in the world and we had the biggest oysters, I have ever seen. Double the size of a french oyster, at least. We had 12 drinks but I must admit that I could not finish all the dishes. They ended up by serving the famous Peking duck - and again plenty. Honestly, I hate to recommend a place like this place because then I may not find a table, if I ever go back. If I could give the Manor 10 stars, I would do so. And the bill? EUR 152 all included. This place gives you value for money three times. Thank you to Mama and the rest of the staff for a wonderful evening and a perfect service. Thank you. I hope I’ll be back!!!

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