Jac P Thijssepark


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🌏 Prins Bernhardlaan 8, 1182 BE, Amstelveen The Netherlands (View map)

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The Three Amstelveen Botanical Gardens Dr. Jac. P. Thijssepark, De Braak and the Dr. Koos Landwehrpark The Amstelveen Botanical Parks provide an amazing scenery and are well worth their visit. It is a great pleasure to go for a walk and to enjoy the wild flora that has been collected here as a living picture in a romantic atmosphere. This type of park is called Heem Park in the Netherlands.
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Local flora in Jac.P.Thijssenpark

The Jac P. Thijssenpark is a so-called "heempark", inwhich the local flora is presented in a natural environment. There entrance is free and is interesting to visit in every season. A must do when visiting Amstelveen.

A quiet beautiful oasis..dog free ( I love dogs...)and lovely park to walk in..it’s free!!

I know this park quite well in all seasons but hadn’t been there for a while. Went with a friend today as it was beautiful weather. In all seasons an excellent "wander" but especially during Springtime. The ducks, grebes and moorhens were relaxed and basking in the sun..as were the herons ( but I have plenty of herons visiting my garden..). It’s really peaceful being lodged between an two areas of busy traffic. No airplane noise ( today)..which is pretty common in Amstelveen as we are so close to Schiphol airport.
Don’t think it’s really ideal for pushchairs/ young wobbly walking children. Great for an hours escape from the "madding crowd" . Closeby De Braak also highly recommended for a getaway.
Solodam J

A Jewel Behind the Houses

This is a ’Heempark’, a nature-park that is attractive to various forms of wildlife such as birds, amphibians, insects etc. It’s made and maintananced by men. The native Dutch plants were cultivated in this park in rooms. It is very interesting to see so many kind of plants grow next to each other while it is not normally happen in the nature. This more than 5 hectare park offers you a fine walk. Good footpath among the trees, water, garden rooms with very clearly sign. At a particular time, that’s depended on the wind direction, you will see the airplane flying low above you every 2 minutes. Though there are several entrances, the main entrance is at Prins Bernhardlaan, next the house number 8. It’s very dry and almost no colour in the winter but in the spring, summer or autumn you will sure enjoy all the plants.

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