J&C Kamayan, Antwerp


💵 €3 - €17

🌏 Statiestraat 37, Antwerp 2600 Belgium (View map)

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About us

For as far we know, we are the only filipino restaurant in Belgium. We serve authentic filipino food and desserts and we serve also some vietnamese specialties.
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Rosario C
👆 Mobile ⏳ 15-04-2017

The only Pilipino Restaurant in Antwerp

They serve authentic Pilipino food. I usually bring here not only my family but my Belgian friends. I usually guide them what they are going to order. I must say they like the food. Like some of the reviewers mentioned this is a carinderia (this is a pilipino term for snack bar) not a fine dining restaurant. The place is perfect for its category. The prices are reasonable and they usually give big portion even enough for 2 persons if u are not a big eater. The location is perfect for everyone especially those who are not from Antwerp because it’s very near to the train central station & walking distance to the shopping street & the scenic places in Antwerp.
👆 Mobile ⏳ 01-04-2017

Excellent and Authentic food, Friendly staff

We eat here with my family almost every month. The food is Authentic (Filipino and Vietnamese Dishes), tastes really good and they serve big portions for just a small amount. The staffs and the owners are extremely friendly and accommodating. On some lazy days, we just drop by here and order some take outs! Feels like home ???? HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!
Mark Jay P
👆 Mobile ⏳ 30-03-2017

Just how my mom will cook

I always come to this place everytime I fell like eating Filipino food. Not only that it makes me feel like home.. The food is also amazing. Food are just like how my grandma back home will cook. One serving is more than enough for one person. They serve Filipino beers as well and halo-halo in the summer.. Friendly owner!! It is not a restaurant so don’t expect FINE DINING! It is a "Carinderia" which makes is very special! The pace to be if you miss the Philippines and feeling home sick :)

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