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Location / Nearby Haarlemmerstraat


Access: Makkelijk beloopbaar vanaf het Centraal station. Easily walkable from Central Station. De Opstapper (hoek Prinsengracht), bussen 18, 21 en 22 en tram3. The Opstapper (corner Prinsengracht), buses 18, 21 and 22 and tram3. Parkeergarage: Parking: Prins Hendrikkade 20a (€ 3.50 p/u) Prins Hendrikkade 20a (€ 3.50 p / h) Pinautomaat: ATM: Haarlemmerstraat, Haarlemmerdijk en Korte Prinsengracht Haarlemmerstraat, Haarlemmerdijk and Korte Prinsengracht Koopavond: Evening: Elke donderdag tot 21 uur. Every Thursday until 21 hours. Koopzondag: Sunday shopping: Enkele winkels zijn open op zondag. Some shops are open on Sunday.
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Karen M

Interest streets with lots of cafes & shops

Started at the Central station end & walked the west - the street are lined with lots of individual shops & local traditional shops. Cafes of every choice gives you a break from shopping & chance to relax. Canal views interact between the street views

Haarlemmerstraat - street with quirky and interesting shops

Haarlemmerstraat is found west of Amsterdam Central and Singel and north of the Nine Streets shopping area of the Canal Rings. This is another interesting shopping and dining street with quicky an boutique shops, cafes, coffee shops and other interesting places to visit.

Haarlemmerstraat extends northwest becoming Haarlemmerdijk after passing Prisengracht. There you find more restaurants and retail shops.

Have enjoyed time spent on Haarlemmerstraat and a couple of the eateries along this street, including Vinnies during our most recent trip. Look forward to my next strong along Haarlemmerstraat.

Shopping and eating

Long street filled with eateries, vintage shops, specialty shops, a butcher, a grocer, anything and everything. Busy on the Center half, hustle and bustle tapers off a little near the spacious Haarlemmerplein. Very nice stroll.

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