Grote of Sint-Laurenskerk


🌏 Grotekerkplein 27, 3011 GC Rotterdam The Netherlands (View map)

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Marie Jacobs
⏳ 11-2019

St Laurenskerk, Rotterdam

Very good to see. Beautiful, historical church! Very good organ. Special is that the church survived the bombings during World War 2.


Such a lovely peaceful place to visit I visited here with my bestfriend. Its €3 entrance fee which is well worth the price . You cant get over how vast the size of the church is until you see the high ceilings and vast stain glass windows . Lots of lovely exhibits , tombs to view definitely worth the visit
⏳ 08-2019

Bell ŕinging.

I happened to be next to the çhurch when the evening bells were ringing. The performance in itself was wonderful. I had a quick look inside near the entrance. When you looked up you saw this grand ceiling.
Elizabeth V

Brought back from the dead

This is a very impressive church which was recovered from considerable damage during the 2nd World War. There is a feeling of austerity about the building as many of the previous ornate features and sculptures were not replaced. But, the cleanliness of the result is impressive. Many of the windows are of clear glass rather than stained - whilst this means it is less pretty, the resultant clear light is inspirational. It is a very large church and has three organs to deal with the space. One of the organs is the largest mechanical organ in Europe with more than 7000 pipes and 85 stops. The bronze doors are very impressive - featuring War and Peace - made in 1968.

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