Golf Restaurant Roxenisse, Melissant


🌏 Bouwdijk 7b, 3248 LA Melissant The Netherlands (View map)

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πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 06-06-2013

Best kept secret restaurant on a golf course

When I was invited to have a bite to eat with friends at a golf course restaurant, I expected a cafeteria type of restaurant and a quick (greasy) bite. The restaurant is tucked away in a little corner of the Golf Course Roxenisse, juts outside the tiny town of Melissant. When we walked towards the restaurant, and I saw all the golfers in front of the restaurants drinking and talking, my fears seemed confirmed. The grey building doesn’t look like much on the outside, but oh my, what a surprise when you walk in. (Hardly any sportspeople in there). The restaurant is elegantly decorated with striped comfortable chairs, matching tablecloth, candles and a view over the greens. A huge Rembrandt replica hangs on the wall. It gave me the feel I was horribly underdressed! If this restaurant would be in town, this would be a top notch place where jackets are mandatory. But not here. You come as you are, although dressing up would make you feel better! We were greeted by a very friendly staff. No reservations? No problem. The restaurant was not full, since most people, like me, think it is more of a cafeteria. The menu was great. From carpaccio from deer to salmon tartar. I started with a ’visproeverij’ a fish-tasting. The food was well presented on the plate, with smoked eel, smoked salmon, small local shrimp with sauce. The amount was good and the taste was perfect. My friend ordered the soup-tasting, where he got a plate with three small cups of soup, that all three tasted absolutely perfect! Lobster bisque, mushroom soup and mustard soup. The staff left us to talk and enjoy the food. In The Netherlands it is custom that you take your time dining out. As a main course I ordered small sole (fish). It was made to perfection, nicely backed in butter as it should and seasoned well. My friend had a gorgeous looking plate with ’Duo van Zwijn’ or Duo of swine. Where she got two types of swine cuts served with baked apple and au jus. I was pleasantly surprised by the outstanding quality of the food, the service and the ambiance. And I had another surprise when the young owner and chef introduced himself and checked if the food was as we had expected. All in all an outstanding experience. Best of all, the prices are a bit lower compared to a similar restaurant in a town 10 kilometers further. Starters are around 11 euro, soups around 6 euro, main course between 19 and 24 euro. The chef also offers a 4-course surprise menu for 38.95 that you can expend to how ever many courses you wish. I will definitely go back. I am already looking forward to it!

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