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Solodam J
⏳ 09-2020

Beautiful Castle

It was good to be back to this castle again as it’s a beautiful small castle. Well managed and it’s also a wedding location. This time we had a chance to take a look the attic. There was a video about the owner of the castle in the attic. We took a walk in the garden, too and then closed our visit by having a drink in the castle restaurant

A lived-in castle and a garden with intriguing art-"shelters

The Fraeylemaborg is a museum, but you feel everywhere that this mini-castle has been lived in. Walking around gives you an intimate view of daily life in this place. The ticket also gives you access to the adjacent park. For the next few years, the park sports intriguing "shelters" made by various artists -- a kind of modern "follies." If the people at the reception think you look trustworthty, they may give you a key that gives you entrance to some of these.

The Borg can be reached via a 30 minute bus ride from Groningen station.

Typical Borg and gardens

Fraeylemaborg is quite the typical Groninger Borg. The ‘castle’ itself (more like a small manor with a moat) is lovely and the self guided visit is quite worth it. The rooms are decorated in styles from very different periods throughout the life of the castle with quite interesting artifacts such as ceramics.
The house is very romantic, with beautiful views from the large windows. Clearly not a defensive stronghold, I guess the most was there for ducks.
The gardens offer a nice stroll, they’re a very narrow strip of English gardens, not really remarkable but peaceful.

All in all the experience is quite similar to the visit of Menkemaborg, I would pick only one (depending on your itinerary).

Both offer a nice cafe / restaurant for a rest and a leek after the visit.

Nice style rooms

This is one of the handful of borgen in Groningen that are open to the public. It has a large forest-garden at the back, in which many manmade objects (let’s call it ’art’) are hidden. The annex buildings in front of the borg house the ticket office with a small exhibition space - now dedicated to some earthenware by Picasso - and a cafe. Don’t forget to check out the gentlemen’s room in the cafe. In the borg there are many style rooms, some more interesting than others. The kitchen in the basement is the oldest part. I found the ’Red room’ with its red wood ceiling quite attractive. Also the large hall near the entrance is quite impressive. I noticed it’s impossible to combine a visit here with a visit to Heiligerlee or Aduard, when coming by public transport on a Sunday.

Do not miss

A wonderful mansion showing what posh homes must have looked like in the old times. Not to forget wonderful gardens and a forest nearby.
Martti V
⏳ 08-2015

Little chateau with large English park

Scenic little chateau on small island surrounded by water and great English park. The exterier moved me more than the interier, but both have strong romantic feeling.

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