Feelgood Market


🌏 Strijpsebaan 101, 5657 AC Eindhoven The Netherlands (View map)

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Every 3rd Sunday
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Market time on the 3rd weekend of the month.

We were on time with the market day of feelgood innovative. It has a lot of display. So we went around seeing varied products on display. We bought some little items for souvenir.

We were lucky we came on a Sunday in that month just to visit our old friends. We were guided and brought in this activity and we did not regret coming here.
Matthijs V

Food, music and fun in een bijzondere setting

Food, music and fun in a special setting, the old offices and factory buildings of Philips. The smell of different types of food from food trucks and market stalls are great. You can sometime hear a band play and when I was there it was very sunny (makes the experience much more pleasurable I guess). It is busy but doable. Also visit the shops in Urban Shopper area and go to the Vershal ’t Veem while you are there, have a beer and ’feel good’. Makes your Sunday in Eindhoven very enjoyable indeed!

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