Dutch Poultry Museum


🌏 Hessenweg 2a, 3771 RB Barneveld The Netherlands (View map)

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An amazing experience for all chicken fanatics

Fabulous museum, filled with poultry historical facts. What an amazing place to visit. It is unforgettable. Suitable for young and old! Brilliant!
⏳ 09-2016

If you’re in the area it’s an interesting 30-45 minutes

For non-Dutch readers, you can’t glean as much from this museum’s displays as you might like. If you happen to get an English speaking volunteer at the museum, I’m told it can be wonderful. I think it’d be a great place for a kid school visit.
This place really is "all things chicken." There a good historical section on the old Dutch chicken production and market and several old time incubators and shipping crates to round out that section. Live, baby chicks are in 2 or 3 displays (please don’t touch, but they are cute.) There’s a nice exhibit on current chicken production methods (free range vs battery, packaging a whole chicken, etc) and an even better display on how they vet "good" eggs and find the bad. There’s no shortage of chicken paraphernalia to look at and even some to buy in the gift shop--egg cups, chicken pot holders, chicken towels, chicken pictures...you get the idea.
Out back there’s a play area for littleuns. There’s also 20 or so different kinds of live Dutch-bred chickens.
The museum has a small cafe if you’re peckish. We sampled the chicken soup ;-), but you can get a variety of cold beverages, coffee, and small sandwiches.

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