Drink N Sink, Amsterdam


⏰ 10:00 - 01:0010:00 - 01:0010:00 - 03:0010:00 - 03:00

πŸ’΅ €13 - €44

🌏 Warmoesstraat 58, 1012 JG Amsterdam The Netherlands (View map)

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About us

Drink n Sink is the best pub or sports bar for enjoying drinks and music with friends. It is the best place for parties, fast food, drinks (cocktails, bar and shots). This is a nice place for business meetings, birthday parties and enjoying music beats at your table. There are 10 big screens in bar to enjoy sports and drinks.Our place is famous for amazing nightlife. Party Hard and enjoy yourself. Our cafe is open to everyone who is 18 or above 18. Moreover, free entry to our sports cafe is like ice on the cake. There is no strict restrictions for dress code, everyone who is sophisticated dressed is welcomed to our party place and can enjoy the best night in Amsterdam. Our bar is the best places for staff parties, business meetings and birthday parties, but make sure you had reservation with us in advance.
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