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Jack M
⏳ 09-2019

Excellent explanation of keeping back the North Sea

The Netherlands, one of the Low Countries in Europe, has a fascinating history of keeping back the North Sea. A drive along this combination of dams, barriers and dikes, culminating in the tour of the Maeslant storm surge barrier, will illuminate and impress you with the Dutch success. New Orleans has consulted with them in rebuilding after Katrina.

Interesting, but ...

Went here with a group of 8, ages ranging from 17 to 82. My son is studying mechanical engineering, and we thought that he would be thrilled to learn about this marvel of Dutch engineering. The Works are very impressive, and the tour is certainly worth taking. However, the guide (who was supposed to deliver the info in both Dutch and English) spent the majority of the time speaking in Dutch, and added a sentence or two in English as an afterthought. The water park was clearly designed for little kids, and nobody in our group had any interest in visiting. The 4D theater (where you can experience what it was like in the great flood of 1953) was well-designed, but only lasted 15 minutes. The film (in Dutch with English subtitles) showing how the Works were constructed was nice - but was clearly from the late 1970s or early 1980s, and hasn’t been updated. Overall, we felt that the place had so much untapped potential, and left a bit disappointed.

Engineering Marvel!

The Dutch demonstrate how it’s possible to manage flooding from the Sea. Jaw-dropping engineering feat, let alone the political compromises that were worked through to complete this project successfully. Amazing what can be accomplished by working together.
Cynthia V

Fascinating engineering feat

We sought this out as it is so unique to the Netherlands. Delta works 1.5 hour tour was led in Dutch and English by a retired engineer who, together with plackard displays, shared a good amount of technical detail such that we understood the issues encountered in its conception, social, environmental, and political, as well as construction and maintenance.


The visit is interesting and a good reminder of the power of nature. We recommend you take the guided tour of the works. Impressive to see it so close by.

Netherlands’ Delta Works: One of the 7 Wonders of the Modern World

September 2, 2018 - As part of a group, we visited The Delta Water Works for a guided tour to learn how the Dutch established control of the sea after the devastating flood of 1953. The ambitious storm surge barrier project was intended to shorten the Dutch coastline and to protect the area around Rhine-Meuse-Scheldt from the North Sea especially after the widespread fatalities and deaths that happened after the ‘North Sea Flood’ of 1953. After spending 5 billion dollars on the dam project which was completed in August 2010.

The Deltapark Neeltje Jans is the most common entry point into the Delta Works, and if you’re going to pick just one of the Delta Works points, this is probably your best bet. It’s a theme park that goes beyond the storm surge barriers alone. However, our group just visited the dam part of Delta Works and received a fantastic guided tour.

We went up through part of the concrete structure to view the underside of the barrier. And, inside the building, there are many exhibits that illustrate the concepts behind the dam project. We also visited an inside area that simulated a Dutch home during the 1953 flood. You looked out the windows of the home at the flood surge as it destroyed things in its path. You saw a person being saved by another person. You felt the lighting and the movement of the house, and heard the screams.

This was an incredible learning experience which taught me how important water control is to the people of the Netherlands. And, they have turned this into not only a central control point for the dam control, but also a water park for the family.

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Public Transport; bus no. 133 Connexxion (Rotterdam-Vlissingen), public transport info: 0900-9292.

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