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⏳ 10-2019

A special rooftop with some bizarre and ordinary statues, including the cellphone angel

This is the only cathedral where the statues are looking up. The statues range from the ordinary (artisans, normal people and animals) to the unusual (restored statues that have lost the head now have headgear that obscures the head). If you are interested in architecture or history, this is a winner! Look out for the angel on its cellphone!


When you are in ’s-Hertogenbosch and they organise the climb, go there! It is an amazing experience after climbing the stairs. Not only the view of the city from above, but also the amazing creatures on the roof!
Héloïse P

Wonderful climb with a nice view on the city

The church organised this climb to raise money for repairs. It was a amazing idea. We went up by the stairs and had a wonderful view on the city. We could also admire the art work that is the cathedral.
I hope they will organise this again.

Once of a lifetime

Went there after reading about it in the local magazine. You can either take the stairs or the elevator up to the platform and then you can start the walk around the top of the church (still a couple of stairs).

It’s funny to see all the different statues and you can really appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into them. Plus you have a very nice view of the city and it’s surroundings

Smartphone Climb

Last year they organised a climb to the roof of this cathedral to look at the outside part and to admire the wonderful view of the city. . As a joke they gave one of the statues a smartphone in his hands to prove that this church is still between history and reality
⏳ 09-2016

A rare view of "gargoyles" up close. Make time for this before 30 Oct 2016!!!

To celebrate the Jheronimus Bosch year, St John’s Cathedral (Sint Janskathedraal) in Den Bosch has erected scaffolding to allow visitors an up-close look at the gargoyles and the flying buttresses of the cathedral. The 96 medieval gargoyles were added as "weight" to the flying buttresses to solve some structural issues in the Gothic cathedral. I’ve never been able to see the detail on a cathedral this up-close. It’s a unique experience and is only available thru October 2016.
€7 per adult allows you to climb the scaffolding and hear a brief description (spoken only in Dutch). They do provide pamphlets with descriptions of all the gargoyles. Elevator access is available for elderly and those incapable of the climb. To see both sides of the cathedral you still need to be able to climb steps, but can see a good deal from the top of the platform if you cannot climb. They do limit the number of people in each group to go up. You must get tickets for an allocated time slot. I suggest buying tickets in advance, or going early to the church for the few tickets they hold back in reserve for purchase on the day.
Hannie P

A church with Humor

THis is a unique opportunity to see the statuettes from close by . IF you bring your camera use the Tele lens to zoom in on as much detailing as you can. Amazing humorous expressions and detailing. ALso the " roof scape" of the town is interesting.
TO get tickets was a bit tricky because exess is limited, the best hours are booked full.
A must on your to do list in my oppinion.

Do it while you still can!

I loved seeing the statues up close and the views of Den Bosch were amazing. As this is only available for a few more months, I would urge you to go and book your tickets now. It was well visited, interesting, brief background information from the guide. One of the better things I did this year.

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