1-25 Cafe - Galerie - Restaurant, Rhede


🌏 Deichstr. 26, 46414 Rhede, North Rhine-Westphalia Germany (View map)

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πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 06-08-2019

Nice lttle restaurant run by the two owners who cook and serve

Usually you need to book in advance because the restaurant is not very big and the quality is very good. If you just happen to pass by try your luck. Bring a little time when you come and fill the time between the courses with lovely conversations with your dinner partner(s). The meals consist of three to four courses and you can only choose from three or four courses. The menus are handmade and represent the current season. Every meal is prepared on the spot and not in advance. I consider this not a family place with younger children because you can easily spend two to three hours in the restaurant. It’s a "take your time and enjoy the evening" sort of restaurant ;) I go there at least once a year. They are open from day 1-25 each month, hence the name.

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